Sappho (1921) DVD
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Sappho (1921) DVD

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Sappho (1921)

Director:  Dimitri Buchowetzki

Writers:  Dimitri Buchowetzki, Alexandre Dumas père (story)

Stars:  Pola Negri, Johannes Riemann, Alfred Abel  

When Sappho (Pola Negri) betrays her lover Andreas in favor of his boss George, Andreas goes insane over the rejection. She then trades George (Albert Steinrueck) for Richard (Johannes Riemann), but George tells him all about the vixen which prompts Richard to return to his hometown. There he rekindles the relationship with his former sweetheart, and the two agree to marry, but Richard leaves his bride at the altar when his thoughts turn to Sappho. After Richard boards a train, Andreas murders a guard and escapes the asylum. Sappho learns of Richard's impending nuptials and haughtily sets out to trap another hapless lover at a society ball. Richard chases Sappho up the stairs, and the two embrace after hasty explanations. Andreas and George, who has also killed to see Sappho, watch with rage as the two lovers stand before them. Sappho pushes Richard out of the room and is left to the mercy of the two madmen in this tragic romantic drama.

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