300.000 Pengö az Uccán (1937) DVD
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300.000 Pengö az Uccán (1937) DVD

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300.000 Pengö az Uccán (1937)


Béla Balogh


Béla Balogh, Mária Szepes (as Orsi Mária)


Gyula Kabos, Kató Bárczy, Mariska Vízváry

The main character is the viable Sutyi boy who brings happiness to everyone he likes. This time, this is a nice, young Klári, the owner of a small handmade business that still dreams of meeting the "Right Man".  Therefore, Sutyi gets the money for Klari to have a dowry. Meanwhile, Klári rescues a young man whom his boss the banker is blaming for a robbery and together they capture the robbers in the bank.

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