...One Third of a Nation... (1939) DVD
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...One Third of a Nation... (1939) DVD

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...One Third of a Nation... (1939)

Director: Dudley Murphy

Writers: Oliver H.P. Garrett (screenplay), Arthur Arent (play)

Stars: Sylvia Sidney, Leif Erickson, Myron McCormick  

Adapted from a play which was originally produced by the Federal Theatre Project (part of the WPA), this is a film from the Depression era which shows the disparity between life in the slums and the life of the upper class. When a young man inherits a city block in the ghetto, he begins to meet those who live there. One, a young boy, had been crippled in a fire which ripped through his tenement. He meets and falls in love with this young boy's sister as well.  

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