...und das ist die Hauptsache! (1931) DVD
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...und das ist die Hauptsache! (1931) DVD

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... und das ist die Hauptsache! (1931)

Director:  Joe May

Writers:  Richard Duschinsky (story), Adolf Lantz

Stars:  Nora Gregor, Harry Liedtke, Ursula Grabley     

At a typical Berlin ball a husband tells his wife that the best thing for them to do is to go their own ways for the evening, and he himself wanders off with a young girl on his arm. The wife is evidently not unmoved by his action and in desperate self-defense goes off with a young count. This youth, however, turns out to be an international swindler, who drugs her champagne and steals her jewelry. The police have been on the track of the crook and catch him before he can get away with his loot. In the meantime the husband has gone to the apartment of the girl, but has compunctions when he learns on the telephone that his wife has not returned home. So he dashes to his own apartment and waits feverishly for her return. When she comes to, the wife can hardly bring herself to return to her husband, but she finds him in a contrite mood and there seems no doubt that the matrimonial ship will now run a smoother course.  

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