A Thousand And One Nights (1945) DVD
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A Thousand And One Nights (1945) DVD

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A Thousand And One Nights (1945)

Director: Alfred E. Green

Writers: Wilfred H. Petitt (screenplay), Richard English (screenplay)

Stars: Evelyn Keyes, Phil Silvers, Adele Jergens   Thousand and One Nights is an occasionally strident but generally successful satire of the popular Universal Jon Hall/Maria Montez epics. Cornel Wilde stars as a twentyish Aladdin, whose magic lamp yields two genies: Collosus-like Rex Ingram (repeated the role he played in 1940's Thief of Baghdad) and ravishing redhead Evelyn Keyes (who, like future TV genie Barbara Eden, was seemingly born without a navel). Wilde uses his new-found wealth and magical powers to woo princess Adele Jergens, but not without the opposition of villainous Dennis Hoey. Phil Silvers plays Wilde's comic sidekick, a man "born 2000 years ahead of his time" who wears glasses, spouts jive-talk ("Slip me some skin, Abdul!") and cracks anachronistic jokes.

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