Adventures of Casanova (1948) DVD
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Adventures of Casanova (1948) DVD

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Adventures of Casanova (1948)

Director:  Roberto Gavaldón

Writers:  Crane Wilbur (story), Crane Wilbur (screenplay)

Stars:  Arturo de Córdova, Lucille Bremer, Turhan Bey  

Unusually lavish for an Eagle-Lion production, The Adventures of Casanova lacks only Technicolor and "star" names. Lensed in Mexico, the film stars Latin American heartthrob ARTURO DE CORDOVA in the title role, and MGM expatriate (and future Mexican citizen) Lucille Bremer as the lovely Lady Bianca. Though ample screen time is expended upon Casanova's amorous conquests, most of the film is in the swashbuckler mode, as the hero battles the despotic Austrian rules in 18th century Sicily. The film gets down to basics when Casanova squares off against his bitterest foe, Austrian envoy Count de Brissac John Sutton. Comedy relief is handled by Turhan Bey as Casanova's philosophical sidekick and George Tobias as a spy posing as a monk.

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