40 Guns To Apache Pass (1967) DVD
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40 Guns To Apache Pass (1967) DVD

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40 Guns To Apache Pass (1967)

Director:  William Witney

Writers:  Willard W. Willingham, Mary Willingham

Stars:  Audie Murphy, Michael Burns, Kenneth Tobey  

The directorial reins of 40 Guns to Apache Pass are in the expert hands of actionmeister William Witney, who helmed many of Audie Murphy's latter-day vehicles. Here Murphy plays a Cavalry captain who takes on the entire Apache nation virtually single-handedly. He is undermined by villainous Corporal Bodine (Kenneth Tobey), who runs a thriving business selling guns to the Indians. Michael Keep plays Apache leader Cochise, bringing a touch of humanity and dignity to his two-dimensional role. After wrapping up 40 Guns to Apache Pass, William Witney went into retirement, emerging every so often for "guest of honor" chores at the various western-movie conventions of the 1970s and 1980s. 

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