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10 Rillington Place (1971) DVD

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10 Rillington Place (1971)


 Richard Fleischer


 Clive Exton (screenplay), Ludovic Kennedy (book)


 Richard Attenborough, Judy Geeson, John Hurt
10 Rillington Place is the true story of British mass murderer John Reginald Christie, played with chilling "normality" by Richard Attenborough. Throughout the late '40s, Christie lures middle-aged women to his London flat promising to cure their ailments with nitrous oxide, then kills them, assaults their dead bodies, and buries them. One of his victims is Beryl Evans (Judy Geeson), who misguidedly comes to Christie seeking an abortion -- and in the process, not only loses her own life, but sets in motion a horrid sequence of events that threatens to endanger her husband as well.

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