Abbott And Costello Meet The Mummy (1955) DVD
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Abbott And Costello Meet The Mummy (1955) DVD

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Abbott And Costello Meet The Mummy (1955)

Director:  Charles Lamont

Writers:  Lee Loeb (story), John Grant (screenplay)

Stars:  Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Marie Windsor   

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy is the last of the team's vehicles for Universal-International. Stranded in Egypt, Bud and Lou hire themselves out as traveling companions to archeologist Kurt Katch. Before long, Katch is murdered by a group of cultists, and a medallion, embossed with a map which leads to a sacred burial site, is accidentally swallowed by Costello. The boys become the unwilling pawns of the cultists, led by Richard Deacon, and a greedy adventuress, played by Marie Windsor. The last scene finds Costello being menaced by three mummies, two of them bogus.

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