Sally And Saint Anne (1952) DVD
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Sally And Saint Anne (1952) DVD

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Sally And Saint Anne (1952)

Director:  Rudolph Maté

Writers:  James O'Hanlon (story), James O'Hanlon

Stars:  Ann Blyth, Edmund Gwenn, John McIntire  

Young Sally Moyne (Ann Blyth) seldom makes a move in life without first consulting Saint Anne, patron saint of all young girls. Sally's faith in the efficacy of St. Anne has a salutary affect on all those in her orbit. It can also be said that Sally's tight relationship with her patron saint is of invaluable help in her family's Herculean efforts to save their home and hearth from the machinations of land-grabbing alderman Goldtooth McCarthy (John McIntyre). The sublime supporting cast includes Frances "Aunt Bee"Bavier and Otto Hullett as Sally's parents, Edmund Gwenn as her supposedly invalid grandfather, and Jack Kelly and Lamont Johnson as her looney brothers. One of the last of the "crazy family" comedies inspired by the success of You Can't Take It With You, Sally and St. Anne is also one of the best of its kind.

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