Strictly Dishonorable (1951) DVD
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Strictly Dishonorable (1951) DVD

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Strictly Dishonorable (1951)

Directors:  Melvin Frank, Norman Panama

Writers:  Melvin Frank, Norman Panama

Stars:  Ezio Pinza, Janet Leigh, Millard Mitchell   

Strictly Dishonorable is a musicalized version of Preston Sturges' cynical Broadway comedy of the same title, previously filmed sans songs in 1931. Ezio Pinza, fresh from his stage triumph in South Pacific, stars as Augustino Caraffa, an opera star whose amorous adventures are legend.Janet Leigh plays green-as-grass Southern belle Isabelle Perry, Caraffa's biggest fan. To rescue her idol from a vengeful publisher (Hugh Sanders), Isabelle agrees to an "in name only" marriage, hoping that Caraffa will eventually fall in love with her for real. Several romantic complications later, Caraffa finally begins to change his rakish ways. In keeping with Sturges' original scenario, Strictly Dishonorable is set in the late 1920s, allowing for a scene in which Isabelle is amorously inspired by a silent John Gilbert-Greta Garbo picture (accompanied on the Mighty Wurlitzer by organist Kathleen Freeman).  

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