10,000 Dollars For A Massacre (1967) DVD

10,000 Dollars For A Massacre (1967) DVD

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10,000 Dollars For A Massacre (1967)

Director:  Romolo Guerrieri

Writers:  Franco Fogagnolo (screenplay), Franco Fogagnolo (story)

Stars:  Gianni Garko, Fidel Gonzáles, Loredana Nusciak  

"10,000 Dollars for a Massacre" is a spaghetti western that's above average, just as most of the other reviews suggest and as critics say too. It's very professionally done in all departments. It's a splendid looking film, with beautiful shots. The characters are not routine or clichéd, and neither are their interactions. Bounty hunter Django (Gianni Garko) is not anxious to bring back another body, but he can be tempted to go after Manuel (Claudio Camaso) if the price reaches $10,000. Meanwhile he's willing to team up with Manuel for a gold robbery.