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100 Tears (2007) DVD

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100 Tears (2007) Director:  Marcus Koch Writer:  Joe Davison Stars:  Georgia Chris, Joe Davison, Raine Brown   Hot on the trail of a notorious serial killer, a pair of fearless tabloid reporters find their quest to uncover the madman's motivations taking an unexpectedly deadly turn. No one who has ever come into contact with the so-called Teardrop Killer has ever lived to tell the tale, but Mark and Jennifer are convinced that they can capture the killer and score the biggest story of their careers. Now, deep within the Teardrop Killer's inescapable house of horrors, the reporters searching for the story of a lifetime will be forced to navigate a gore-drenched maze of vicious death and savage depravity.    Here is the link to the film at the Internet Movie database: