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1001 Arabian Nights (1959) DVD

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1001 Arabian Nights (1959) Director:  Jack Kinney Writers:  Czenzi Ormonde (screenplay), Dick Shaw (story) Stars:  Jim Backus, Kathryn Grant, Dwayne Hickman    1001 Arabian Nights was the first animated feature film produced by the "progressive" UPA cartoon firm. The studio had originally planned to feature its star attraction, the nearsighted Mr. Magoo, in an adaptation of {-Don Quixote} scripted by no less than Aldous Huxley. But Columbia, UPA's distributor, didn't think that a Quixote film would sell to the kiddie trade, so the studio settled on the oft-used "Aladdin's Lamp" story. It might have worked better had Magoo portrayed a bumbling genie; instead, the Myopic One is cast as Aladdin's uncle, a wholly extraneous character who has no bearing on the plot or its outcome. Beyond its script shortcomings, 1001 Arabian Nightsboasts an attractive production design and color scheme, as well as some pleasant voicework by Dwayne Hickman, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Hans Conried and Herschel Bernardi. Many of the character designs seen inArabian Nights were reused on UPA's weekly 1964 TV series The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo.    Here is the link to the film at the Internet Movie database: