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12 Tangos - Adios Buenos Aires (2005) DVD

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12 Tangos - Adios Buenos Aires (2005) Director: Arne Birkenstock     Writer: Arne Birkenstock     Stars: Roberto Tonet,  Marcela Maiola,  Yolanda Zubieta   The film's main attention focuses on the 71-year-old professional tango dancer Roberto Tonet, the 20-year-old dancer Marcela Maiola and the four children of Yolanda Zubieta. Roberto lost his savings during the banking crisis, his dancing partner Marcela is preparing her emigration to France. Yolanda Zubieta also travels to Europa in order to earn money for the mortgage on their modest home. Thus, the 11-year-old Fabiana now lives alone with her three brothers and sisters. The film shows the farewell of the mother and how her kids manage to live by themselves.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: