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13 (2010) DVD

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13 (2010) Director:  Géla Babluani Writers:  Géla Babluani (screenplay), Greg Pruss(screenplay) Stars:  Sam Riley, Alice Barrett, Gaby Hoffmann   Sam Riley (Vince Ferro), the protagonist of the Georgian director Gela Babluani’s “13,” is a part-time electrician whose family may have to sell its home in Ohio to pay his father’s medical bills. While on the job, he overhears his employer discussing a mysterious get-rich-quick scheme. After his boss dies of a drug overdose, Sam picks up an envelope addressed to the dead man and, following the instructions, travels to Chicago, where he is whisked by train and car to a rural mansion. There he finds himself an involuntary player in a Russian roulette tournament from which there is no escape. The movie, the American remake of Mr. Babluani’s “13 Tzameti,” which won the world jury prize for drama at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, is a calamitous example of a rigorous, dour European fable turned into American trash, and by the same director no less.    Here is the link to the film at the Internet Movie database: