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1999 (1998) DVD

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1999 (1998) Director:  Nick Davis Writer:  Nick Davis Stars:  Dan Futterman, Allyson Downey, Jennifer Garner   Documentary filmmaker Nick Davis, the grandson of famed Hollywood screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz (Citizen Kane), wrote and directed this comedy-drama about young New Yorkers at a party on New Year's Eve in the year 1999. The dawning millennium brings the partygoers to an existential precipice, where they look into a yawning canyon of angst, identity crises, insecurities, mood swings, doubts, dreams, and dilemmas. In the neat Greenwich Village apartment of Andrew Goldman (Matt McGrath), the party guests include neurotic Rufus Wild (Dan Futterman), aggressive lesbian Suki (Sandrine Holt), Andrew's self-stringent father Harold (Buck Henry), the mysterious, philosophical Goat Man (Steven Wright), immature and bookish Danny (David Gelb), and insecure vocalist Sylvia (Margaret Devine). To kick into the new millennium with a fresh outlook, Rufus attempts to end his relationship with girlfriend Annabell (Jennifer Garner), but he nevertheless feels they shouldn't cancel their plans to go to Andrew's apartment. At the party, Rufus sees Nicole (Amanda Peet), a woman he's wanted. He considers a confession to her of his desires, but a black-and-white flashback with accompanying internal monologue forces him into a reflective self-examination. The music track goes from the baroque (Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni) to alternative rock (Dandy Warhols). Shown at the 1998 L.A. Independent Film Festival.    Here is the link to the film at the Internet Movie database: