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3 Ninjas (1992) DVD

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3 Ninjas (1992) Director:  Jon Turteltaub Writers:  Edward Emanuel (screenplay), Kenny Kim (story) Stars:  Victor Wong, Michael Treanor, Max Elliott Slade   This youth-oriented martial arts comedy concerns three children (Colt, Rocky, and Tum Tum) who are instructed in the art ofninjitsu by their grandfather, Ninja Master Mori (Victor Wong). Another of Mori's former pupils grew up to be notorious underworld figure Hugo Snyder (Rand Kingsley), who -- attempting to get the boys' FBI agent dad off his back -- orders the young ninjas kidnapped. In usual Disney fashion, the chopsocky children turn the tables on their inept kidnappers, but get in bigger trouble when a group of ninjas keeps them prisoner in the hold of a ship. Action-packed, but not overly violent,3 Ninjas is a lot of fun for kids and its success at the box-office led to two sequels.