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40 años de novios (1963) DVD

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40 años de novios (1963) Director: Enrique Carreras     Writers: Jorge Aguilar,  Abel Santacruz (play)    Stars: Lolita Torres,  Germán Cobos,  Juan Bono         The year is 1915. Rosarito is a girl from a good family who loves Valentine, a notary who works in the office of his father, Don Florencio. They begin a courtship that one day is about to end when she sees Valentine flirting with the maid. She wants to end their relationship, but overcomes her pride and forgives the slip and they tie the knot, the result of which is a daughter, Dorothy. After several years, Rosario discovers that her husband has relapsed into infidelity. They separate again, and this time it looks definite...