711 Ocean Drive (1950) DVD

711 Ocean Drive (1950) DVD

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711 Ocean Drive (1950)

Director:  Joseph M. Newman

Writers:  Richard English, Francis Swann

Stars:  Edmond O'Brien, Joanne Dru, Otto Kruger  

Edmond O'Brien plays a telephone repairman whose electronic savvy earns him a job with a bookmaking concern. O'Brien's bookie boss Barry Kelly wants to get instant results from the nation's racetracks, and to this end O'Brien illicitly plugs into several communication centers. The wealthier O'Brien becomes, the more scruples he sheds. Eventually he runs afoul of the Big Boss of an Eastern bookie syndicate (Otto Kruger) and vainly attempts to escape with his life in a slam-bang final at Boulder Dam. 711 Ocean Drive was made to cash in on a then-current national newspaper expose of bookmaking operations.

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