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99 And 44/100% Dead (1974) DVD

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99 And 44/100% Dead (1974) Director: John Frankenheimer     Writer: Robert Dillon     Stars: Richard Harris,  Edmond O'Brien,  Bradford Dillman   John Frankenheimer's bizarre, satirical gangster film is not for all tastes but has acquired a minor cult following. Elderly mobster Edmond O'Brien hires a hitman (Richard Harris) to eliminate his rival (Bradford Dillman) in a dystopic setting of not-quite reality. There are albino alligators, skillful chase scenes, and Chuck Connors as a one-handed psycho who can fit various deadly weapons on his stumpy arm. None of it makes much sense, and mainstream viewers may end up scratching their heads in bewilderment, but fans of more esoteric films should find it a lot of fun. It would likely have ended up as a big hit on the drive-in circuit if it hadn't been directed by Frankenheimer, from whom most people expect better.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: