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A Breath Of Scandal (1960) DVD

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A Breath Of Scandal (1960) Director:  Michael Curtiz Writers:  Walter Bernstein (adaptation), Sidney Howard (English translation of "Olympia") Stars:  Sophia Loren, Maurice Chevalier, John Gavin   Based on the Ferenc Molnar play Olympia, A Breath of Scandal serves as an elegant vehicle for a ravishing Sophia Loren. The star plays Princess Olympia, who despite her station in life cannot resist the urge to satisfy her sexual appetites. Exiled to the countryside, Olympia falls in love with American millionaire Charlie Foster (John Gavin). Meanwhile, a marriage of state is arranged between the princess and Prince Ruprecht of Prussia (Carlo Hintermann). Jealous rival Countess Lina (Angela Lansbury) endangers this union by threatening to tell all about Olympia and Foster. A cute, continental plot twist brings this harmless confection to a close. Maurice Chevalier dispenses his usual all-knowing glances and sly smiles as Olympia's understanding father. A Breath of Scandal was directed by Michael Curtiz. Scriptwriter Sidney Howard was credited with the script posthumously, some 21 years after his death.