A Bullet For Joey (1955) DVD

A Bullet For Joey (1955) DVD

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A Bullet For Joey (1955)

Director:  Lewis Allen

Writers:  James Benson Nablo (story), Daniel Mainwaring (as Geoffrey Homes)

Stars:  Edward G. Robinson, George Raft, Audrey Totter   

A communist spy plots the abduction of an important American atomic scientist in this espionage drama. To do his evil deed, he coerces a notorious gangster to do the kidnapping. Meanwhile a G-man is hot on the spy's trail and is determined to protect the endangered scientist. Unfortunately, the spy is on to the detective and plans to bump him off first. The spy does not count on the fact that he has chosen a patriotic gangster to do his deeds and when the crook learns the spy's true alignment he takes action. Between him and the G-man, the world ends up safe for democracy once again.

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