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A Close Call For Ellery Queen (1942) DVD

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A Close Call For Ellery Queen (1942) Director:  James P. Hogan Writers:  Manfred Lee (story), Frederic Dannay (story) Stars:  William Gargan, Margaret Lindsay, Charley Grapewin    William Gargan takes over from Ralph Bellamy as the title character in Columbia's A Close Call for Ellery Queen. UnlikeBellamy, who played the role of Ellery Queen for laughs, Garganadopts a more sober approach, much to the overall benefit of the film. The story takes place at the lavish country estate owned by wealthy Alan Rogers (Ralph Morgan). Two young ladies show up at Rogers' doorstep, both claiming to be his long-lost daughter. Concurrently, a pair of unsavory gentlemen (Andrew Tombes,Charles Judels) from Rogers' checkered past arrive with blackmail on their minds. Ellery tries to make heads or tails of all this intrigue before Rogers ends up losing his fortune, aided by his "girl Friday" Nikki Porter (Margaret Lindsay)-but our hero is unable to prevent a pair of nasty murders.    Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: