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A Four Letter Word (2007) DVD

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A Four Letter Word (2007) Director:  Casper Andreas Writers:  Casper Andreas, Jesse Archer Stars:  Jesse Archer, Paul Haje, Charlie David   Writer/director Casper Andreas' thoughtful, ensemble-driven sex comedy A Four Letter Word embodies a loose sequel to his 2004 Slutty Summer, with several of the tertiary characters from that earlier effort, including Peter, Luke, and Marilyn. As in his prior effort, Andreas relies on humorous situations, characters, and setups to ask the sober question of how it is possible to maintain the integrity of gay love in an atmosphere of unbridled hedonism, replete with such pleasures as homosexual orgies (or "fourgies"), transvestism, and naked yoga. The filmmaker hones in on several colorful characters. At the center of the story are porno-shop proprietors Zeke, a gay rights crusader, and the nymphomaniacal, muscle-bound queen Luke, who finds it hard to commit to anyone. Luke's partner is Stephen, who initially expresses interest in a committed relationship, then chucks it all for a swinging lifestyle. Meanwhile, the newly engaged Marilyn grapples with her Alcoholics Anonymous program, and live-in lovers Derek and Peter must contend with the petty irritations of sharing a residence.