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A Golden Age of College Football 1970 - 1979 (1981) DVD

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A Golden Age of College Football 1970 - 1979 (1981) Say what you want about fanaticism, loyalty, team-spirit, nothing matches the following generated by college football.  Oh, you have your die-hard followers of professional baseball and your Sunday afternoon glued-to-the-set professional football addicts.  You have your car-racing afficionados and your pro-basketball believers, but no sport, professional or amateur, inspires the avid and amazing depths of feeling of college football.  Students, faculty, alumni and townspeople fill immense stadiums as Saturday afternoons in the fall are transformed into rafter-shaking competitive bouts.  The youthful enthusiasm and idealism of college athletes is pure and refreshing as they take to the field in search of glory for old ivy.  This documentary pays tribute to the teams, the coaches and the individual athletes who made the 70's an unforgettable era in major college football.  This is a priceless gathering of carefully-chosen plays which reveal the triumphant moments of some of college football's greatest athletes.  Year by year, host Bill Fleming takes you through the best plays and players in a truly golden decade.