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A Hill In Korea (1956) DVD

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A Hill In Korea (1956) Director: Julian Amyes     Writers: Max Catto (novel),  Ian Dalrymple  Stars: George Baker,  Harry Andrews,  Ronald Lewis     Filmed in Surrey, England, Hell in Korea was shipped out to more conservative movie houses as A Hill in Korea.  The title essentially tells all in this no-nonsense account of a group of UN soldiers during the Korean "police action" of the early 1950s. This "skeleton" patrol maintains its tenuous hold over a strategic hill, while determining the best method of sneaking into a communist-held village. While Korean veterans tended to dismiss the film as Hollywood-style hokum, Hell in Korea has stood the test of time far better than many other more elaborate "realistic" wartime dramas. The film, based on a novel by Max Catto, served as the movie debut of Michael Caine, who does not receive screen credit in the original prints--an oversight rectified in TV prints issued after Caine's rise to stardom. In his second film, Robert Shaw is securely ensconced in a good supporting role.     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: