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A Night In Paradise (1946) DVD

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A Night In Paradise (1946) Director: Arthur Lubin     Writers: George S. Hellman (novel),  Emmet Lavery (adaptation) Stars: Merle Oberon,  Turhan Bey,  Thomas Gomez   If Grecian storyteller Aesop really did exist, he was most likely a black slave. He wasn't an Austrian actor with an Egyptian name, but that's who played him in A Night in Paradise. Turhan Bey portrays the fable-spouting Aesop, who tries to escape his bondage by disguising himself as an old man. It is at the lavish court of King Croesus that the greyed-up Aesop first meets luscious Grecian princess Merle Oberon. The low-born talespinner is smitten, and determines to win the princess for his very own. Moral: If Universal buys a novel by George S. Hellman titled The Peacock's Feather, transforms it into a picture called A Night in Paradise, and appoints onetime Abbott and Costello cohort Arthur Lubin as director, you know what you're in for.     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: