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A.P.E.X. (1994) DVD

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A.P.E.X. (1994) Director: Phillip J. Roth     Writers: Phillip J. Roth (screenplay),  Phillip J. Roth (story)  Stars: Richard Keats,  Mitchell Cox,  Lisa Ann Russell      A man returns to the past to improve his present time and instead messes it up in this old-fashioned science fiction B movie. The film begins in the year 2073; Nicholas Sinclair, like his other time-travel researchers is dying from a virus. He returns via time warp to 1973 to bring back a defective robot probe. The trouble begins when his colleagues send a probe after him. In the revised present most of the world is being overrun by robots while the human population is being wiped out by a virus. Nicholas is a soldier in the guerrilla army that battles the robots. His wife Natasha is also in the army.