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A ritmo de twist (1962) DVD

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A ritmo de twist (1962) Director:  Benito Alazraki Writer:  Alfredo Salazar Stars:  Manuel 'Loco' Valdés, Roberto Ramírez Garza, María Eugenia Rubio   Manuel "El Loco" Valdes and Beto Boticas co-star in the Spanish language musical comedy A Ritmo de Twist (aka To the Beat of the Twist) as, respectively, Matusalén (Spanish for Methuselah) and Beto. These two enormous slackers, who pal around together constantly, have been enrolled as students at a local university for an unholy amount of time -- longer, in fact, than anyone else on campus. Matusalén's uncle, Renato (Jorge Mondragon), is the proprietor of Capulín, a local bathing suit company. As the story unfolds, he decides to take a long sabbatical, and offers Matusalén an ultimatum. The boy will temporarily inherit the position of company head; if Capulín continues its whirlwind success under his leadership, Renato will provide financial support for Matusalén's study abroad in England, but if the company fails under Matusalén's aegis, Renato will cut him off without further discussion. Matusalén agrees to this, but runs headfirst into the diabolical schemes of Pedro Montesco (Luis Aragon), a company rival who manufactures his own swim wear. Secretly wishing to take advantage of Renato's absence and damage Capulín's business prospects, Pedro hires two beautiful Caucasian "gringas," Jo (Elizabeth Campbell) and Peggy (Erika Carlsson), to distract Matusalén and Beto. Meanwhile, the boys are also pursued by two homely collegiate women, María Eugenia (Maria Rubio) and Lisa (Lisa Rossell).    Here is the link to the film at the Internet Movie database: