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A Summer Story (1988) DVD

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A Summer Story (1988) Director: Piers Haggard     Writers: John Galsworthy (story),  Penelope Mortimer     Stars: James Wilby,  Imogen Stubbs,  Susannah York     Megan (Imogen Stubbs) is a pretty country girl who falls in love with urban attorney Ashton (James Wilby) in this romantic social drama. Ashton remains in Devon when he injures his ankle and elects to stay longer because of his crush on Megan. Promising to return for her, Ashton leaves Megan and visits an old school friend in Torquay. The procrastinating barrister falls for his friend's sister Stella (Sophie Ward) and forgets about his promise to Megan. When she travels to Torquay to locate the man she loves, the spineless Ashton cowers behind closed shutters instead of facing the brokenhearted Megan.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: