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A Tale of Two Chipmunks (1986) DVD

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A Tale of Two Chipmunks (1986) Their love ofnuts drives everyone nuts--they're the one-and-only Chip 'n' Dale. And here's a fast and furious collection of cartoons featuring Disney's devilish chipmunks at their dizziest! Even the short-fused Donald Duck and the conniving villain Pete are no match for these diminutive rascals--one of filmdom's brightest, best-loved comedy teams when it comes to madcap situations and hilarious predicaments! Contains: Chicken in the Rough (1951)--A romp through a henhouse leaves Chip 'n' Dale with egg on their faces. Chips Ahoy (1956) -- Donald Duck encounters rough seas when Chip 'n' Dale commandeer his toy ship. The Lone Chipmunks (1954)--Bank robber Pete reaches the end of the trail in a Western caper blazing with laughter!