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Adam And Evelyne (1949) DVD

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Adam And Evelyne (1949) Director: Harold French     Writers: Noel Langley (story),  Lesley Storm (additional scenes and dialogue) Stars: Stewart Granger,  Jean Simmons,  Edwin Styles      Adam and Evelyne stars Stewart Granger and Jean Simmons, who were husband and wife in the 1950s. Granger plays a "sang froid" gambler with little room for emotional entanglements in his life. When his best friend dies, Granger agrees to adopt the friend's daughter. She grows up to be Jean Simmons; Granger falls in love, but says nothing about his feelings because Jean accepts him as her real father. The denouement is right out of Daddy Long Legs, but is still effective within its new framework. When Adam and Evelyne made the Atlantic crossing and opened in the US, it was retitled Adam and Evelyn. Who knows why?