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Bad Boy (1935) DVD

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Bad Boy (1935) Director: John G. Blystone     Writers: Viña Delmar (by),  Allen Rivkin (screen play)     Stars: James Dunn,  Dorothy Wilson,  Louise Fazenda     Bad Boy Eddie Nolan (James Dunn) spends more time in the poolroom than he does looking for work. Even so, Sally Larkin (Dorothy Wilson) is willing to marry Eddie, certain that he'll hunker down and seek employment once he acclimates himself to the responsibilities of marriage. But this doesn't happen, and soon the impecunious Eddie is shipping Sally back to her parents. Things take an upward turn when our hero manages to corral a gang of crooks, thereby earning himself a fat reward and unlimited job opportunities. Though running only 56 minutes, Bad Boy managed to secure top-of-the-bill bookings thanks to James Dunn's fan following.     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: