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Beware Spooks (1939) DVD

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Beware Spooks (1939) Director: Edward Sedgwick     Writers: Richard Flournoy (play),  Richard Flournoy (screenplay)   Stars: Joe E. Brown,  Mary Carlisle,  Clarence Kolb     Though Joe E. Brown's starring vehicles of the late 1930s-early 1940s were on the whole decidedly inferior to his earlier Warner Bros. films, some were better than others. In the "better" category is Columbia's Beware Spooks!, a hectic comedy-mystery set on Coney Island. On the strength of the reputation of his famous police-officer father, hapless Roy Gifford (Brown) is invited to join the "boys in blue". He soon proves himself an inept peacekeeper, and by mid-film he's been booted off the force. Cutting his losses, Roy heads to Coney Island for a honeymoon with his new bride Betty Lou (Mary Carlisle), and while in the fun house-which turns out to be a criminal hideaway--manages to solve a baffling murder. The zany climactic chase through the darkened "spook house" is the funniest scene in the picture, leaving no tried-and-true slapstick gag unturned.     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: