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Blonde From Brooklyn (1945) DVD

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Blonde From Brooklyn (1945) Director: Del Lord Writer: Erna Lazarus (original screenplay) Stars: Bob Haymes, Lynn Merrick, Thurston Hall   The Blonde From Brooklyn is perky Susan Parker (Lynn Merrick), gainfully employed as a "jukebox singer", back in the days when jukebox patrons could request that their songs be performed live via telephone hookup. Teaming with showbiz-minded G.I. Dixon Harper (Robert Stanton), Susan passes herself off as a Southern belle in order to land a job singing radio commercials for a Dixiefied coffee company. The fun begins when Susan is mistaken for the heir to a Southern plantation, forcing her to keep up her "yew all"s and "sho' nuff"'s indefinitely. Director Del Lord (of Three Stooges fame) resurrects any number of old two-reel-comedy routines in this trivial Columbia musical.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: