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Breaking The Ice (1938) DVD

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Breaking The Ice (1938) Director: Edward F. Cline Writers: Mary C. McCall Jr. (screenplay), Manuel Seff (screenplay) Stars: Bobby Breen, Charles Ruggles, Dolores Costello   Boy soprano Bobby Breen dons a pair of skates in the oddball musical Breaking the Ice. Escaping his super-strict Mennonite relatives, our hero gets a job singing at a Philadelphia ice-skating rink. Here he tries to earn enough money to help his beloved widowed mother (Dolores Costello) wrest herself free of those selfsame relatives. The plot requires canary-voiced Breen to share the spotlight with six-year-old skating sensation Irene Dare. Within a year, Breaking the Ice producer Sol Lesser attempted to launch another series of family musicals built around the talents of little Ms. Dare, but the first entry in this project--Everything's on Ice--was also the last.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: