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Campus Rhythm (1943) DVD

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Campus Rhythm (1943) Director: Arthur Dreifuss Writers: Charles R. Marion (screenplay), Ewart Adamson (original story) Stars: Johnny Downs, Gale Storm, Robert Lowery   "It'll make you yell SOLID!" boasted the ads for the Monogram musical Campus Rhythm. Johnny Downs stars as Scoop, a rather long-in-tooth college newspaper correspondent who suspects something when a vaguely familiar-looking young lady enrolls in school. The girl is Joan (Gale Storm), a popular radio singer, who has walked out on her sponsor and returned to college under a pseudonym. Joan becomes the campus pariah when she is forced to drop out of a fund-raising college variety show because of her radio contract. But all is forgiven by the final reel, wherein Joan and the entire ensemble participate in a huge, cathartic production number. The film's biggest laughs are engendered by Candy Candido, he of the astonishigly versatile trick voice "Ah'm feeelin' mighty lowwwww".   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: