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Cheer Up (1936) DVD

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Cheer Up (1936) Director: Leo Mittler     Writers: Michael Barringer,  Stanley Lupino (story)     Stars: Stanley Lupino,  Sally Gray,  Roddy Hughes     British stage and screen favorite Stanley Lupino (Ida's dad) wrote and starred in this relentlessly upbeat musical comedy. Lupino portrays a struggling writer who is mistaken for a millionaire. The producers of a threadbare musical revue approach Lupino in hopes that he'll finance their show. Lupino sees an opportunity to help his own career, thus he maneuvers about to raise the necessary funding--all the while maintaining the illusion that he's a man of untold wealth. Cheer Up costars comic actor Roddy Hughes as a burlesqued matinee idol named Dirk Dirk, while popular film star Sally Gray also shows up....playing popular film star Sally Gray.     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: