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Danger: Love At Work (1937) DVD

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Danger: Love At Work (1937) Director: Otto Preminger     Writers: James Edward Grant (screenplay),  James Edward Grant (story) Stars: Ann Sothern,  Jack Haley,  Mary Boland     An airy screwball comedy, Danger--Love at Work explores the lives of a wealthy but wacky family. Ann Sothern plays the daughter, the only remotely "normal" member of the clan. Poor Jack Haley enters the scene as a feckless attorney who tries to get the family to finalize an important land deal. Sothern falls for Haley, and through the machinations of her looney parents the timorous lawyer winds up the object of a "shotgun wedding." The amusing but inconsequential Danger--Love at Work was the second American film of director Otto Preminger.     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: