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Darò un milione (1935) DVD

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Darò un milione (1935) Director: Mario Camerini     Writers: Mario Camerini,  Giaci Mondaini (screenplay)  Stars: Vittorio De Sica,  Assia Noris,  Luigi Almirante     Daro un Milione was another felicitous collaboration between director Mario Camerini and his favorite star Vittorio de Sica. The story gets under way when a cynical millionaire announces that he intends to disguise himself as a hobo and given a million lire to anyone who treats him nicely. As a result, every bum in Rome is given the royal treatment on the off-chance that they're the millionaire. While the tramps revel in this sudden wave of good fortune, the real millionaire finds true love with a pretty circus performer who knows nothing about the "I'll Give a Million" campaign. Co-written by Cesare Zavattini and Giaci Mondani Daro un Milione was remade in Hollywood in 1938, with Warner Baxter as the millionaire, Marjorie Weaver as the heroine, and Peter Lorre and John Carradine as two of the happy hobos.