Don't Give Up The Ship (1959) DVD
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Don't Give Up The Ship (1959) DVD

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Don't Give Up The Ship (1959)

Director: Norman Taurog    

Writers: Herbert Baker (screenplay),  Edmund Beloin (screenplay)

Stars: Jerry Lewis,  Dina Merrill,  Diana Spencer    

Don't Give Up the Ship stars Jerry Lewis as a navy officer who is whisked away from his honeymoon by a senate investigating committee. The committee would like to know what happened to the U.S.S. Kornblatt, the battleship Lewis had commandeered during the War; the crew arrived home safely, but the battleship completely disappeared! Jerry suffers from a mental block concerning the Kornblatt, so the navy assigns a beautiful psychiatrist (Dina Merrill) to probe his subconscious. With the help of an ex-sailor from the Kornblatt (Mickey Shaughnessy), Jerry locates the wreckage of the ship, tracing the responsibility of its disappearance to the investigating committee chairman (Gale Gordon). Based on a true incident (!), Don't Give Up the Ship stands up today as one of Jerry Lewis' best films.