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Gypsy Wildcat (1944) DVD

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Gypsy Wildcast (1944) Director: Roy William Neill Writers: James M. Cain (screenplay), Joseph Hoffman (additional dialogue) Stars: Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Peter Coe   In this swashbuckler, a princess is raised by gypsies and becomes their queen. The trouble really begins when a count is murdered and the evil, ambitious baron who really did it blames the crime on the gypsies. The baron's messenger knows the truth and tries to prove it. When he notices that the gypsy queen is wearing a pendant bearing the slain count's crest, he reveals her true identity--the count's estranged sister and heir to the throne. The messenger then accuses the baron of the death. The baron has him thrown into the same dungeon as the gypsies and together they team up and escape. Meanwhile the gypsy girl, who has finally promised to marry the wicked baron in exchange for her clan's freedom, is kidnapped by the baron. The gallant messenger rescues her, kills the baron, and gets to marry the young queen.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: