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I Was An Adventuress (1940) DVD

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I Was An Adventuress (1940) Director: Gregory Ratoff     Writers: Karl Tunberg (screenplay),  Don Ettlinger (screenplay)  Stars: Vera Zorina,  Richard Greene,  Erich von Stroheim          Actress/ballerina Vera Zorina stars as a phony countess, working in cahoots with two international con artists (Erich von Stroheim and Peter Lorre). She renounces her earlier life after falling in love with one of her victims (Richard Greene), but her old crooked cronies show up to blackmail her. Zorina confesses to her husband, who forgives all. VON STROHEIM and Lorre steal everything but the cameras in their brief scenes, outshining both hero and heroine with their patented rascality. I Was an Adventuress ends with a George Balanchine ballet sequence, which like all such film "highlights" goes on too long and is strictly a matter of taste.      Here is the link for the movie at the Internet Movie database: