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Jivaro (1954) DVD

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Jivaro (1954) Director: Edward Ludwig     Writers: David Duncan (story),  Winston Miller     Stars: Fernando Lamas,  Rhonda Fleming,  Brian Keith     In this adventure, four explorers search for a vast treasure in the Amazon jungle. One of the explorers is a woman who got involved after she traveled from California to marry her fiance whom she hasn't seen in two years. Another man tries to convince her that her fiance has become an alcoholic idealist obsessed with finding gold in the jungle. Another takes her into the jungle to find her love. En route he falls in love with her. Later they learn that her fiance has been killed by the Jivaro headhunters. The other man, who went in before them is also attacked, but the woman's guide saves his life. This film did not use stock footage. Much of it was actually filmed in the jungle to provide the backgrounds.     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: