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Juke Box Rhythm (1959) DVD

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Juke Box Rhythm (1959) Director: Arthur Dreifuss Writers: Mary C. McCall Jr. (screenplay), Earl Baldwin (screenplay) Stars: Jo Morrow, Jack Jones, Brian Donlevy   A European princess and her aunt come to New York to buy clothes for the royal coronation, Riff Manson (Jack Jones) is employed by unknown clothier and former junkman Brodine (Hans Conried) to sway the royals to purchase his designs. Broadway revue rehearsals and parties provide the backdrop for the musical selection. George Jessel plays himself and sings "Spring Is The Time For Remembering". The princess (Jo Morrow) sings "Let's Fall In Love". Jones sings the title tune. Other songs are performed by the Earl Grant Trio, The Treniers and The Nitwits, while Johnny Otis renders the classic rock & roll anthem "Willie And The Hand Jive".