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Love Comes Along (1930) DVD

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Love Comes Along was based on Conchita, a stage melodrama by Edward (Kismet) Knoblock. The story takes place on the mythical island of Caparjota, a gathering spot for virtually every hot-to-trot sailor in the universe. One of these amorous tars is Johnny Stark (Lloyd Hughes), who falls hard for pretty cabaret singer Peggy (Bebe Daniels). Only one problem: Peggy is already involved with island potentate Sangredo (Montague Love), who has a nasty habit of rendering his rivals lifeless. The plot of Love Comes Along covers only about 2/3 of the action: the remaining footage is taken up by a series of sprightly musical numbers, written by Oscar Levant and Sidney Clare and rendered by the delightful Bebe Daniels.