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Lydia Bailey (1952) DVD

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Lydia Bailey (1952) Director: Jean Negulesco     Writers: Kenneth Roberts (novel),  Michael Blankfort (screenplay)     Stars: Dale Robertson,  Anne Francis,  Charles Korvin   Twenty-one-year-old Anne Francis carries off the title-character duties in 20th Century-Fox's Lydia Bailey with class and finesse. Set in Haiti during the Napoleonic era, the film concerns aristocratic landholder Lydia Bailey and her more-than-professional relationship with American attorney Albion Hamlin (Dale Robertson). The idealistic Hamlin becomes involved in the Haitian uprising against the French, aligning himself with rebel leader--and former slave--King Dick (William Marshall). At first, Lydia sides with the French, but she eventually realizes that Hamlin's way is the right way. Based on a novel by Kenneth Roberts, Lydia Bailey was slated for TV presentation on NBC's Saturday Night at the Movies in 1963, but was pulled from the schedule because of a subplot involving miscegenation.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: