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Melody Lane (1941) DVD

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Melody Lane (1941) Director: Charles Lamont     Writers: Bernard Feins (story),  Hugh Wedlock Jr. (screenplay) Stars: Judd McMichael,  Ted McMichael,  Joe McMichael     In this musical, four entertaining farmboys from Iowa head for the Big Apple to find fame and fortune but find themselves in trouble when a radio sponsor finds himself accused of kidnapping a girl. Songs include: "Septimus Winner," "Peaceful Ends the Day," "Cherokee Charlie," "Let's Go to Calicabu," "Swing-a-Bye My Baby," "Changeable Heart," "If It's a Dream Don't Wake Me," "Since the Farmer in the Dell," "Caliacau," and "Listen to the Mockingbird."     Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: