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Music Is Magic (1935) DVD

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Music Is Magic (1935) Director: George Marshall Writers: Edward Eliscu (screenplay), Lou Breslow (screenplay) Stars: Alice Faye, Ray Walker, Bebe Daniels   Bebe Daniels, all of 34, portrays an ageing movie star who refuses to admit she's too old for the ingenue role in an upcoming musical. Alice Faye is a hopeful chorus girl, while Ray Walker is a would-be director. All the young people get their deserved breaks when Daniels gets wise to herself and settles for a character role in the film--and also admits that the young girl (Rosina Lawrence) whom she's been passing off as her sister is really her daughter. Both Alice Faye and Bebe Daniels are given plenty of opportunities to sing and dance, which is as it should be. But Music is Magic falls short of perfection thanks to the doggedly unfunny comic relief of Frank Mitchell and Jack Durant, who may well be the worst team in motion picture history.   Here is the link to the movie at the Internet Movie database: